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I give Moms real nutrition solutions and step-by-step support through all stages of the lifecycle – from pregnancy to post-pregnancy, introducing solids to your baby, dealing with your picky eater, and feeding your whole family real, good-for-you meals

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From The Blog

Helping Children Make Family Dinner

Eating a homemade meal together as a family: this simple ritual can encompass so many wonderful elements. Children are naturally curious about cooking and preparing food, and, if given the opportunity, naturally proficient in the kitchen. As mom-in-chief of my...

The Pros and Cons of Baby Led Weaning

Baby led weaning (BLW) seems to be on every parent’s radar lately. Is it the best method to try with your baby? There are many pros and cons associated with baby led weaning. Many parents feel comfortable with the traditional method: spoon feeding your baby on pureed...

What To Do When Your Child Wants An Alternative Meal

Parents ask me all the time what my thoughts are on offering their child an alternative choice for dinner if they refuse the first choice. This is a topic that I feel quite strongly about, as a result of both personal experiences with my own children and from what the...

What Others Are Saying

Amanda McPherson

Halifax, NS

I worked with Edwena over several months during the early stages of a pregnancy to ensure I was receiving adequate prenatal nutrition. She analyzed my nutritional intake and provided simple inexpensive recommendations regarding meal and snack options that supplemented any nutritional requirements I was lacking. Edwena was very welcoming, flexible with appointment times, and maintained communication with me in between appointments. I would recommend her to anyone interested in dietary advice.

Julie Keizer

Dartmouth, NS

“We were struggling to get our 4 year old to eat anything other than carbs.  Edwena provided a number of strategies to try and get him interested in a variety of foods.  She also came over and did a fun tasting game with the kids and they loved it.  He ate a number of vegetables and we were shocked!  He was also shocked that he liked them and continues to try new things at his own pace.  I would highly recommend Edwena for families who need new ideas and strategies to improve their eating habits.  She is highly competent and wonderful with children”

A. Brenton

Halifax, NS

I came to Edwena at 6 months postpartum and wanted help in losing the last 10 lbs but also needed to make changes in my whole family’s diet. Edwena was able to help me set personalized goals that could be translated to work for the whole family and got us all on a real food plan. So far I’ve lost 7 of the last 10 lbs and my husband is loving the recipes she’s provided us. Very excited to keep this going!

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