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I give Moms real nutrition solutions and step-by-step support through all stages of the lifecycle – from pregnancy to post-pregnancy, introducing solids to your baby, dealing with your picky eater, and feeding your whole family real, good-for-you meals

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From The Blog

How You May Unintentionally Be Making Picky Eating Worse

When it comes to children and picky eating, parents are willing to try anything to get their child to eat and be healthy - especially when the frustration and struggle at meal times never seems to get any better! You’ve tried everything in the books, from...

Easy Overnight Oats – A Busy Mom’s Dream Breakfast

Getting out of the house in the morning is an all-hands-on-deck event at the Kennedy household. We have Dad on duty dressing the kids and throwing in some laundry, me fixing breakfast and packing the main part of their school lunches, and the kids rounding up their...

The Best Ways to Introduce Allergenic Foods to Your Baby

There is a certain excitement every parent holds when it comes to introducing your baby to new foods. Wondering what they will like (or not like!), watching their faces putter up when they eat something new...the taste testing process is exciting! However, it’s...

What Others Are Saying

Amanda McPherson

Halifax, NS

I worked with Edwena over several months during the early stages of a pregnancy to ensure I was receiving adequate prenatal nutrition. She analyzed my nutritional intake and provided simple inexpensive recommendations regarding meal and snack options that supplemented any nutritional requirements I was lacking. Edwena was very welcoming, flexible with appointment times, and maintained communication with me in between appointments. I would recommend her to anyone interested in dietary advice.

S. Mccormack

Halifax, NS

Edwena really helped us manage our daughter’s picky eating and we are so thankful! She created a tailored program for us and showed us how to implement new strategies week by week. It’s made such a difference at meal times and now my daughter is willing to explore new foods… thanks!

A. Brenton

Halifax, NS

I came to Edwena at 6 months postpartum and wanted help in losing the last 10 lbs but also needed to make changes in my whole family’s diet. Edwena was able to help me set personalized goals that could be translated to work for the whole family and got us all on a real food plan. So far I’ve lost 7 of the last 10 lbs and my husband is loving the recipes she’s provided us. Very excited to keep this going!

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