The Picky Eating Solution

Spots are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis!

Dealing with a picky eater is never easy and can cause a lot of stress on both the parent and child. This 1 1/2 hour interactive workshop will go over all you need to know to start finding a real solution to picky eating behaviour! I will help you define exactly what type of picky eater your child is, proven strategies to managing eating behaviour, common feeding errors, the role of the parent, and much more.

Light refreshments will be provided. Please register online at:

Cost is $20.00 (individual or couple)

The Full 9 – Prenatal Nutrition Series

This program carries you through each trimester, with scheduled meetings to cover in depth topics as you experience each stage of your pregnancy.

First Trimester:

  • Strategies for management of fatigue, nausea, and other discomforts
  • Managing new cravings and food aversions
  • Macronutrient and micronutrient requirements to support healthy pregnancy
  • Dietary supplements and what you should be taking
  • Safe foods for pregnancy
  • Meal ideas and recipes

Second Trimester:

  • Healthy weight management throughout second trimester
  • Benefits of healthy bacteria: Your baby’s microbiome
  • Managing blood sugars and hormones
  • Exercise and staying fit during pregnancy
  • Meal ideas and recipes

Third Trimester:

  • Healthy weight gain throughout third trimester
  • Maintaining energy levels through nutrition
  • Managing heartburn, constipation and other discomforts
  • Nutrition advice for breastfeeding
  • Meals ideas and tips to prepare you for the first weeks after delivery

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