“As a Mom and Dietitian, I have a passion for helping families achieve optimal health and well being”

My name is Edwena Kennedy – mom of two amazing little boys, registered dietitian/nutritionist, speaker, and expert in all things related to family food & nutrition!

As a mother first and foremost, I truly understand the many challenges mothers can face when trying to eat healthy, including time constraints, lack of energy, accommodating to the needs and preferences of your family, and conflicting nutrition information. I help women and their families instill healthy food & nutrition habits, achieve personal & family goals and get everyone on board with a healthy lifestyle!

To add to this, raising your kids healthily comes with a whole new set of nutritional concerns. Is my child eating enough? Is he eating too much? How can I help them grow to love all kinds of food? These questions are not uncommon at all! I love to help moms discover how to help their children overcome any food related problems and foster a new healthy relationship with food to help your little ones flourish!

I like to take in the bigger picture when counselling – the social, physical, hormonal, emotional, cultural and nutritional aspects of food – and carefully balance those when making recommendations. My approach is such that I believe there is not one diet prescription for everyone, and so I design individualized programs for every single family member – from child to adult. I do this through a step by step approach, turning small changes into lifelong habits that stick for the whole family! I firmly believe in the power of having a good support system (like a dietitian!) and tailoring your environment to help achieve your specific nutrition goals.



I graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (Dietetics). I also holds a previous degree from Dalhousie University in Neuroscience. My experience has allowed me to work in a variety of different settings, including children’s hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, the food service industry, in the community…and best of all at home learning first hand what it’s like to raise a healthy family! I have taken what I have learned and honed in on my one true passion: mentoring women towards fit and healthy pregnancies and providing expert advice on family nutrition.

Specialty areas:

  • Prenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding nutrition
  • Feeding infant, toddler, child, teen and family
  • Food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies in children and adults
  • Women’s Health and Pediatric Weight Management
  • School and Childcare Menu Consultations
  • Media and Public Speaking