Feeding Toddlers 101 Online Workshop



"Thank you for all the information you gave at the Feeding Toddler 101 workshop back in November. My girl is eating so well and a lot of is because of the tips and information you provided. The issue I had with her eating on my husband's lap is slowly phasing out. She enjoys eating with us during dinner but in her own chair and actually even prefers to have her own little table for snacks in between meals, its very cute ? Thanks again!  "

Anastasia Kulakevich

Feeding Toddlers 101 Online Workshop

When: 8-9.30 pm AST
May 3, 2018

Let’s face it, feeding toddlers can be a challenge!

This online workshop takes you through all the ins and outs, do's and dont's of raising a child with a healthy and happy relationship with food - from the comfort of your own home!

It's perfect for those wanting to know how to feed toddlers and early school aged children to prevent and/or deal with picky eating, how to establish structure and routine in feeding, and/or how to ensure you are feeding them a well rounded diet

We'll cover topics such as:

- Todder and child nutrition: how much food and what types do they need? Are supplements necessary as well?
- Milk and beverages - what kind, how much and how to incorporate them.
- How to build a trusting and healthy relationship with your child and with food
- How to manage snacking to make it work for your family.
- Avoiding meal time battles and dealing with common picky eating concerns
- How to avoid getting into a "food rut"
- How to manage sweets and desserts

...with ample time for questions!

$45 includes an emailed handout summarizing the contents of the workshop, a sample toddler menu plan, a pdf document showing how much food your little one needs a day, and a list of my favourite toddler mealtime products!

Insurance receipts are provided - ask about dietitian coverage on your individual healthcare plan.

Edwena Kennedy RD

Maternal & Family Nutrition Expert

Edwena Kennedy is a registered pediatric dietitian, mom of two little boys, speaker, and expert in all things related to family food and nutrition!  She truly understands the many challenges mothers can face when trying to feed themselves and her family, including time constraints, picky eating, accommodating to the needs and preferences of your family, and conflicting nutrition information. She offers Moms real nutrition solutions and step-by-step support through all stages of the lifecycle (pregnancy, starting solids, picky eating, and family meal planning.