Edwena specializes in helping Mamas and their little ones with the best nutrition counselling for all stages of the lifecycle – from prenatal and post natal for Mom, as well nutrition for infant, child, teen and family. Her practice is based on incorporating long term changes that are realistic and tailored to your lifestyle so that these changes become sustainable habits for the whole family!

Areas of focus include:

  • Fertility Nutrition – Get your body in optimal condition to support conception
  • Pregnancy Nutrition – Weight management during pregnancy | Ensuring you are eating the right types of foods to support a healthy, strong baby and Mom
  • Postnatal Nutrition – Weight loss | Breastfeeding | Caring for yourself health while caring for baby!
  • Infant Nutrition – Introducing solids: When? How? What? How much? 
  • Children – Picky eater? Allergies? Intolerances?
  • Women – Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, weight managment, & more.
  • Families – Getting everyone on a real food plan | Meeting everyone’s nutritional needs | Changing old habits | Menu planning | Cooking & getting everyone involved in the kitchen.


  • Rooted in an evidence based nutrition approach – all advice is based on the most up to date nutrition information from the most credible sources that work!
  • You & your family are unique – I believe proper nutrition and health is unique to each individual and family situation. I work with you to help accommodate your specific lifestyle and goals.
  • Designed for real life – I believe nutrition goals and plans should be designed for real life – that is, achievable, realistic and flexible.
  • Proactive & Preventative – I believe that preventative nutrition is as and even more important than reactive treatment.
  • It’s all about creating new habits: I believe that healthy habits are created through your environment and within the family. Healthy habits can be formed just as easily as they can be broken!