Babies, Toddlers & Beyond

Growth & Weight Concerns

Growth & Weight Concerns

Are you concerned your child may be eating too much or too little? Are they over or under weight for their age? A dietitian’s perspective and advice can help with weight management, appropriate nutrient intake and avoid future health problems. Learn about mindful eating, division of responsibilty, and much more.

Introducing Solids

Introducing Solids

There is so much conflicting advice on when and how to introduce solids to your baby. Baby led weaning, infant cereal, spoon feeding, and more! Clarifying for new moms how to go about this milestone with the most up to date, evidence based knowledge.

Picky Eater

Picky Eaters

Finding ways to deal with a child who is refusing certain foods or food groups altogether is extremely challenging. Learn how to use the right strategies to help your child grow to love all kinds of different foods, obtain the vitamins and minerals they need, and make mealtime enjoyable for all.

Allergies and Intolerance

Allergies & Special Diets

Whether you suspect your child has a specific allergy or intolerance, or if they’ve already been diagnosed, get guidance on how to manage your child’s nutrition requirements while ensuring they are getting all the nutrients they need. This includes counseling for vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

Family Nutrition Counselling and Meal Planning

What do I do when each family member has totally different eating preferences? How do I get my family off of processed food? My child only likes to eat carbohydrates! Help, we’re stuck in a food rut!

These are just a few of the family issues I can help you with! I’ll assess your family’s eating and nutrition (strengths and areas of improvement) and provide you with practical and lasting meal planning strategies to get things back on track.

Some topics of focus include:

  • Family meal planning
  • Transitioning to a real, whole food diet
  • Dealing with multiple or busy schedules/eating on the go
  • Fostering healthy habits in the kitchen and at the table
  • Fostering mealtime independance and cooking skills in children
  • Individualized nutrition recommendations for all members of the family
  • Grocery store tours tailored for busy moms, family meal planning, baby and toddler feeding and more.
  • and much more!