for Mom

Edwena mentors mothers and mothers-to-be towards fit, healthy pregnancies and postnatal lifestyle. She offers preconception, prenatal and postnatal nutrition counseling, including for special situations such as vegetarianism, PCOS, multiple pregnancies, gestational diabetes and high blood sugars, weight loss/gain, anemia, allergies and hypertension.



For those looking to achieve a healthy weight before conceiving (weight gain or loss) or those struggling with infertility. Learn what foods and eating patterns may be beneficial for you in preparing your body to conceive a baby.


Prenatal Nutrition

Proper nutrition is crucial in supporting you through a successful pregnancy and to ensure that your baby has the nutrients it needs for healthy development. A dietitian will help you stay on track with your weight gain and provides reliable information that will help shape your baby’s taste preferences, brain development and health later in life.



Learn how to eat the right foods to help ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs while losing your pregnancy weight. Ensure you are getting the best nutritional care while breastfeeding. Get advice on how to prepare healthy meals now that you have a baby to care for.

Womens Health

So your kids are a bit older and now it’s time to focus on you again. Moms at any age have special dietary needs, whether it’s for weight loss, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, digestive health, allergies & intolerances… the list goes on. Our bodies, minds and gut are all interconnected in a way that each need special attention to work harmoniously together. I can help you discover real nutritional balance in your life!